Why Choose Polyaspartic Over Epoxy?

Polyaspartic Coatings

-One Day Walk-on Ready within hours and Drive-on Ready within Days

-Extreme Impact and Wear Resistance

-Easy Maintenance & Clean-up

-Long Lasting Performance

-UV Stable/Aliphatic Formula

-5X More Durable Than Epoxy

-Can Stand up to Chemicals, Solvents, Road Salts, and Hot Tire Pickup

-Hundreds of Color Options

-Polyaspartic Bonds to Concrete for Higher Strength & Flexibility


Epoxy Coatings

-2-3 Day Walk-on & 7-10 Day Drive on Cure Time can take up to two weeks

-Known to peel and chip over time

-Limited color options

Limited 3-5 Year Life Span